Thermage Skin Tightening

Thermage Skin Tightening

Thermage procedures are generally performed by a physician directed medical assistant. Despite the fact that devices employed for skin-tightening do vary in methodology, all of them expect to obtain comparable effects. These kinds of treatments are completed with once a month treatments and improvements can be found over a couple of months. Given that the enhancement can be gradual, it’s a good idea that the patient shoots “before” photos of the precise treatment area in advance of the Thermage skin tightening procedure, and each month after that together with a total effects photo taken 30 days after the last treatment. This snapshot diary might help demonstrate to the patient their gains.

Thermage & Other RF Skin Tightening Solutions

With Thermage together with other radio frequency laser skin tightening systems, the particular source of power utilized to deliver thermal injuries in the skin tends to be either radio waves, lower wavelength laser or any combo . The particular motive is to try to activate improved collagen production.

Many times, light wavelengths, especially in the IR spectrum, are effectively utilized to tighten the skin by heating the dermis. This triggers your bodys natural healing reaction. This type of treatment is ” energy damage”. Once the skin gets damaged, the body will begin to mend itself by stimulating collagen formation and the restoring of the collagen that is already existing inside the tissues. As a layer of collagen generates on itself, the underlying regions of the dermis tighten, producing a firmer form to that dermis. Almost all infrared tools convey their light within a single grid. This improvements in a significant area of controlled thermal damage. The Palomar LuxDeep IR fractional laser is one particular unit ın the marketplace which delivers light in many columns into the target area and leaves the surrounding areas untouched. Palomar says that this form of technology reduces clients’ pain and also promotes quicker recovery time . If implementing radio frequency systems, there is usually a variance from one source of energy to bipolar systems constituting two wavelengths.

Collagen essential to Thermage treatments RF Skin Tightening

Your skins collagen is a immensely important component of the skin. Large amounts of collagen are contained in the dermis. Collagen fibers are responsible for keeping the consistency, strength and resilience of the dermis. As we grow older, many of our collagen fibers break down and the skin layer thins. The results are generally observable sagging, wrinkles and folds. Even although fibroblasts could generate additional collagen fibers, the body’s capability to do so diminishes as our bodies age.

What to anticipate from Thermage treatments

Although not like plastic surgery, on average, the almost all extraordinary effects of skin tightening treatments are observed in the jaw line where the dermal layer is thinner. In spite of this, improvements are not seen until months after one treatment or more. Improvement are varied depending on differences in epidermis texture and a patient’s life-style (alcohol, smoking, sleep patterns). Each device states different claims of how painful the treatment is, so quite a few individuals may choose to use a topical anesthetic or an analgesic to reduce pain. Secondary effects may include edema, erythema, or skin blanching immediately following procedure. Rarer unintended effects of RF skin tightening may include blistering, skin depressions and in some cases slight pigment changes.

Cost: The cost of this treatment is influenced by on the size of areas needing cure. After a preliminary consultation, you’ll be informed of the price.

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